{{Bach Char Page Version 9
|outer border=
|top font color=
|top font size=
|top font=
|top font shadow=
|char name=
|top font size2=
|top font shadow2=
|main title=
|top font size3=
|middle top=
|middle bottom=
|middle font color=
|theme image=
|quote font=
|file size=
|text font=
|text font size=
|general status=
|header font size=
|active rp=
|month powers=
|ooc plans=
|word bubble=
|weapon images=
|file size2=
|more images=
|other relatives=
|family album=
|other firsts=
|past person=
|current person=
|file size3=
|first impression=
|like most=
|like least=

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